Don't believe? REAL-LIFE Profit Report for Proof of Bitcoin Trading Profits

The screenshot report above shown is one of the real report Godtrix has been trading on. Godtrix is not just teaching theories, he has real life trading that is still on going until now, he will be showing to students as the live demo during classes.

You will receive an online software that is specially developed by Godtrix to better manage tradings, and this is also one of the reason he can maintain profits all the while. Some month is as high as 5.71% profit.

Do take note, all these profiting takes place while Bitcoin price market is still volatile, price up and down daily.

During the Bitcoin Trading Course 2018, you will be guided hands-on real life trading to gain instant experience in trading and making profits! So you must bring your own laptop or 10" pad to class.

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